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Water Tank Overflow Alarm: Water Overflow Alarm Wireless 2021

Overflowing of water after filling the tank is a common problem everyone faces.

Not only water we also waste electricity that runs motor to pump water. Hence Water Tank Overflow Alarm is a must requirement for a household. Here are two water tank overflow alarms or water overflow alarm wireless available online.

We will not confuse you with a lot of lists. To save your precious time we just bring you the best 2 water tank overflow alarm based on our research.

1.Fedus- Water Tank Overflow AlarmCheck Sale Price on Amazon
2.Sensa Switch- Water Tank Overflow AlarmCheck Sale Price on Amazon
Best Water Tank Overflow Alarm



Water Tank Overflow Alarm,
  • Save water and hence electricity
  • Simple machine and easy to install
  • loud alarming
  • can be used for submersible
  • automatic notify when tank fill
  • power consumption is very less
  • High quality, long life 
  • stainless steel oxidation free sensors
  • No need of batteries
  • Widely Used in Houses, Apartments, Clinics, Hotels, etc.

REASONS TO BUY FEDUS- Water Overflow Alarm Wireless


The best tool to prevent overflowing of water and getting wasted. Simple gadget and easy procedure to install. Overflowing of water leads to damaging of house walls and ceiling and water tank overflow alarm provide a solution to such problems such problem. It is a sufficiently loud alarm.


its automatic ringing features notify you whenever water overflows from the tank. The sensor gets alert and audio sounds and a soothing voice comes, as soon as the water level reaches the top level


it is beautifully designed in such a way that power consumption is very less. Even this consumes power less than that of a mobile charger. In every possible way, this device saves your bills. It has a red light that acts as an indicator to mention whether the power button is on or not.


Stainless-Steel sensors are of High-quality that are included with the package for longer use. it is an oxidation free device that doesn’t corrode and hence gives Longer life

Any conducting wire can be used for the sensor.


This Water Level Indicator Can Be Used in Houses, Apartments, Clinics, Hotels, Lodges, Restaurants, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Factories Hostels Etc


This is BRANDED A-grade quality electronic Water Tank Overflow Alarm hence very reliable and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED without any worry.


SAVE WATER SAVE LIFE- It is built in such a way to ensure 100% safety to both the user and the product. As the sensor circuit works on 3V, the device is 100% shockproof.


This water sensor/detector works on an AC power supply, no need for batteries.

This FEDUS WATER TANK OVERFLOW ALARM must be plugged into AC 220 v socket and it is ready to use.


  • Save electricity.
  • Long Service Life. 
  • Easy install.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Efficient operation
  • No need of batteries


  • No cons as such

Working Procedure of Water Overflow Alarm System

  • Easy to install and use
  • This water sensor works on an AC power supply. The appliance must be plugged into a 220 v AC socket and it is ready to use
  • The alarm has a single pair of sensor wire extended wires
  • A sensor wire is to be placed just below the level of overflow pipe in Over Head Tank
  • As the rising water in the tank touches the wire, the alarm sends an audio signal that alerts you of the overflow i.e. when Water in Over Head Tank Raises to the level of sensor wire Voice alarming sound is heard.
  • The alarm is loud enough to be heard from a distance of 40 meters 
  • English – Attn. Water Tank Is Full
    • Hindi – Pani Ki Tanki Bhar Gayi Hai ”

2. Sensa Switch- Water Tank Overflow Alarm

Another water tank overflow alarm that tops the list is Sensa Switch Overflow Control Alarm it is the essential gadget everyone should own. It not only saves water but also saves electricity which electric motor use to pump water.

Water Overflow Alarm Wireless,
Sensa Switch- Water Tank Overflow Alarm
  • Completely safe and rustproof
  • uses transformer supply for foolproof insulation from mains
  • Completely maintenance-free, no need for periodic cleaning of water sensors
  • Tested sound level (75-85 decibel)
  • Very easy to install, needs only basic electrical know-how and tools 

REASONS TO BUY SENSA SWITCH- Water Tank Overflow Alarm

Features of SENSA SWITCH- Water Overflow Alarm wireless are:

  • The Sensa Switch OCA is also easy to install and use.
  • It has 2 sensors that are placed in the tank just below the overflow level and connected to the alarm, which is connected to an input power source.
  • This water tank alarm is safe to use as it is insulated from the mains
  • The sensors are rust-proof and can withstand the high summer heat and humidity levels that are expected on rooftops.
  • The alarm has a good quality audio tune that has a loudness of 75-85 decibels, which is loud enough to be heard.


  • The excellent build quality of the water alarm
  • Sound of alarm is audible across distant rooms
  • The alarm is LOUD.
  • Ease of installation
  • One year warranty included


  • Length of wire is short

Water Tank Overflow Alarm Connection Setup

Connect alarm device with water sensors placed in a water tank by attaching the extra wire.

  1. Keep water sensors near full level, at a gap of 1-2 inches from each other.
  2. Connect input power to alarm device and test by dipping water sensors in the water.

It is advised to Install the Water Overflow Alarm Wireless device at a place that is safe from rain and water splashes.

So you have to buy an extra electric wire according to the distance of your water tank to the electric switchboard on your own

 There are three main parts of Water Flow Alarm System –

1) Alarm Unit 

2) Water Sensor

3) Sensing Cable.

 The first two are packaged in a box you buy from Sensa Switch. 

You will need to buy the third (sensing cable) as per your site need (as per distance of alarm unit from water tank).

 You can buy any two-core wire as a sensing cable but we recommend 0.4mm copper, one pair (two core) telephone signal wire. 

Safety Information:

Water tank overflow alarm connection setup must be installed at a place safe from rain and water splashes.

Also, these are the most efficient water overflow alarm wireless totally worth your money. You don’t need to research further on water overflow alarm wireless. You can buy either one of the water tank overflow alarm provided above.

How do I stop my water tank from overflowing?

There is the best way of stopping overflowing water tanks by installing a Water tank Overflow Alarm or Water Overflow Alarm Wireless because it helps in regulating the flow of water in the water tank and also keeps an eye on water collected either by rainwater harvesting system.

What is the water level alarm or water tank overflow alarm?

Water overflow alarm: It is a water level indicator alarm system that tells the user whether a body of water has reached a desired high or low water level. Some water level indicators use a combination of sensors or float switches to sense water levels.

Is the water overflow alarm wireless safe?

Yes, it is safe. water overflow alarm wireless has a transformer-based supply for foolproof insulation from mains. Also, branded water tank overflow alarm circuits have built-in safety features that allow a very minute signal to sense water in a tank.

How to install a water tank overflow alarm system?

It is very easy to install as it needs only basic electrical know-how and tools. 1.Provide input power to the alarm device.
2. Connect the alarm device with water sensors placed in a water tank by attaching extra wire as per site need.

Does the water overflow alarm wireless system need maintenance?

No, it needs no maintenance.
Water sensors neither need cleaning nor rust nor get eroded. These are designed to withstand high heat, humidity, and hardness found in rooftop water tanks.