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UV Chamber for Sterilization Price and Features- Best UV Sterilizer Box For Covid-19 India 2021

Since covid cases are rising again and new covid strain has been spreading now it is very important to sanitize your food and other things before consuming or using. This UV Chamber for Sterilization is used for fighting such diseases by killing the germs, bacteria, and microbes present on it.

So if you are searching for the best UV Chamber for Sterilization then you are at the right place. UV Chamber for Sterilization basically inactive the pathogen present also stop them to multiply and make them inactive. Let us have a look at the Best UV Sterilizer Box to buy for homes, offices, shops, etc.

1. Best UV Sterilizer Box- Covicide Cabinet UV Chamber for Sterilization (33 LITERS)

UV-C Based Sanitizer Box for Home Office Shops Salons- Portable, All Type of Pathogen Disinfectant

Covicide Cabinet- UV Chamber for Sterilization
  • 4 different function based buttons
  • Easy to use with 3 different timer settings.
  • Particularly handy in the sterilization of Mobile, Glasses, Purse, Mask, Cash, etc., and all daily use items. Using it for all possible items. 
  • Strong built and huge inner volume
  • High safety mechanism

Features of Covicide Cabinet- UV Chamber for Sterilization :

  • It Has different function-oriented buttons for timing, display of timer, status light, etc to inform the user about the ongoing function.
  •  3 Different programs which will satisfy all your needs of disinfection and sanitization.
  • To deactivate the viruses the product comes with preset timer options set after optimally calculating the dose and matching it with the dose required.
  •  Zero maintenance cost. (No hidden charges. UVC Lamps used are easily available and are user replaceable.)
  •  UV lamps turn off automatically when the door is opened, with a Caution sound.
  • This covicide cabinet unit includes two numbers of OSRAM UV-C lamps, which were easy to fit.
  • Auto ON-OFF Lights (for illuminating the inside) inside the cabinet to enable the user to see inside help them place their belongings optimally.

Peoples Feedback of Covicide Cabinet- UV Chamber for Sterilization

Best UV-Sterilizer Box which is worth your money. It has all the features in the range of 8k which another product has in their higher price range. It has good features, capacity, safety, the balance of looks which make it worth buying

People find this UV Chamber for Sterilization product working very nicely for disinfecting various objects

This is the best UV Chamber for Sterilization available online. Covicide Cabinet is a modern-day product, will be useful for safety measures in the long run, whether if there is Covid19 or no Covid19


  • Easy to use with 3 different timer settings.
  • Particularly handy in the sterilization of Mobile, Glasses, Purse, Mask, Cash, etc., and all daily use items. Using it for all possible items. 
  • Strong built and huge inner space
  • High safety mechanism
  • Safety sensors to avoid accidental exposure to UV light. UV switch is visible only when the door is closed so as nobody can turn it on while opening the door especially kids 
  • Automatic set timer for convenient use
  • Clarifies all doubts and confusions regarding disinfection time and settings required as Manual comes with instructions on what time setting is suitable for what item. 
  •  Saves us from repeated use of sanitizer or soap on products
  •  Detailed manual along with full after-sales support from the manufacturer.

 One of the most elaborately explained chambers in the market. The manufacturer seems quite keen on educating their customers on various aspects of UV disinfection. Upon reaching out to them on WhatsApp, they shared multiple study links which deeply describe usage and effects of UV in day-to-day objects.


  • the power cord is short 
  • box is heavy

Ratings: 4.5/5

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 2.PHILIPS UV-C Disinfection System– UV Chamber for Sterilization

Philips UV-c disinfection systems is IISc/Boston University and Intertek Certified for Efficacy of Germs within Minutes.It guarantees No leakage and Uniform Coverage Disinfection. It has capacity of 30 L

PHILIPS UV-C Disinfection System
  • Light On, Germs Gone!
  • Uses the UV- band to disinfect the products exposed to it.
  • Used for Homes/Retail/Offices/Shops
  • It kills 99.99% of Germs when used for the recommended time.
  • Easy to use with pre-set mode with timer
  • Auto cut off when the door is opened
  • No leakage of UV radiation

Reasons to Buy PHILIPS UV-C Disinfection System

  •  It can be used to disinfect a wide variety of products such as keys, handbags, clutches, wallets, watches, rings, chains, combs, sunglasses, packaged foods, fruits & vegetables, milk packets, toys & bottles, instruments, currency notes, bill books, mobile phones, remotes, laptops, power banks, and very important cash, etc. 
  • Its working mechanism based on the light it reflects ensuring almost uniform disinfection over the objects.
  •  Auto cut off of the UV Lamps if the door is opened while the unit is functioning making it safe for human use.
  •  Easy to use with pre-set modes of 2, 5, or 8 minutes & a standard timer of 3 minutes which can be quickly activated by pressing the start button twice. 


  • No UV radiation leakage
  • Capacity: 30 Litres
  • Disinfects 99.99% Germs
  • Includes: 1 Disinfection System( containing 2 nos 8w UV Lamp & 1 nos Tray)
  • 1-year on-site warranty on Disinfection unit at select locations (UV-C Lamps is not covered).
  • User Manual included


  • no good customer care support based on people feedback


 3. UV Chamber for Sterilization: UV-C Sterilization Box 45Ltrs

UV-C Sterilization Box 45Ltrs | Sterilization Box | Sanitization Box | UV Box | UV Disinfection Box | UV Sterilizer Box |

UV Chamber for Sterilization: UV-C Sterilization Box 45Ltrs

Products description:

  • Capacity- 45 Litres
  • Application- 360 Degree Disinfection
  • Specification:- 3 OSRAM UVC Germicidal Lamps (2X8W and 1X11W), having a wavelength of 254nm.
  • Features:- 1) Digital Timer 2) Auto cut off lights when the door opens
  • Body Inner: Aluminium Mirror Finish and SS Tray

Reasons to buy UV-C Sterilization Box 45Ltrs

This is highly satisfying and the Best UV Sterilizer Box based on consumer feedback having a capacity of 45 Ltrs

UV-Disinfection unit provides a simple, quick, and safe solution to disinfect groceries, vegetables, car keys, wallets, and various objects of daily use at home and in the workplace.

 This best UV Sterilizer Box deactivates 99.9 % of germs present on the surfaces with three in-built Ultraviolet UV-C light. Safety Features – Inbuilt door safety switch so that the unit will not operate unless it is shut to avoid accidental radiation exposure.

 A safe see-through window on top blocks UV-C wavelengths from passing through the Safety timer with auto-shutdown after the set time is over the Door sealing gasket to ensure there is no UV-C leakage. Power ON / OFF switch to avoid erroneous start


  • Digital Timer
  • Spacious volume inside
  • Mirror finished side paneling
  • Proper 360 deg. Uv light (UV-C ray ) distribution 
  • Door Safety Lock for light
  • Proper sealing to avoid leakages of rays.
  • Best customer service.
  • Highly recommended.


  • absence of buzzer after the end of the function 

Public Ratings– 4/5


In this crucial situation of covid 19, precaution is very necessary, and major ways to protect yourself from Covid-19 is to wash your hands at regularly as well as carry hand sanitizers when stepping out of the home to buy groceries and other essential items.

 But what with the other essential product and groceries that we bring our home. How They can be made virus-free?

The solution to this problem is by using THE BEST UV STERILIZER BOX/UV CHAMBER FOR STERILIZATION/ UV DISINFECTION SYSTEM. Hence you are advised to buy the best UV sterilizer box for the safety of your close ones.

How to operate these Sanitization Box | UV Chamber for Sterilization| UV Disinfection Box | UV Sterilizer Box | UV Sanitizer

Step 1: Place the oven on any flat surface near a normal power socket.
Step 2: Open the top lid and place items (up to its volume) to be disinfected such as groceries, masks, cash, etc on the metal surface, next to each other with some space in between each item
Step 3: Turn on the pre-programmed safety switch along with the UV Light Indicator.
After the disinfection is complete, you can take out the items out.

How does these UV Chambers for sterilization/ UV Sterilizer Box work in disinfecting the objects?

These UV chambers use UV Light exposure, covering 100% surface of the items placed inside it from 360 degrees.
A wavelength of UV-C 253.7 nm is used. this wavelength is used because the germicidal activity is maximum at this wavelength.
UV Chamber for Sterilization basically inactive the pathogen present also stop them to multiply and make them inactive.
A treatment duration of 10 or a few minutes is sufficient enough to sanitize and disinfect properly. However, depending on objects some objects require more time for disinfection.

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