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Top 3 Best Electric Egg Boiler | Best Automatic Egg Boiler Machine to Buy Online in 2021 Under 1000

Congratulations, if you are looking for the Best Electric Egg Boiler you are in the right place. Based on our research here a list of the top 3 best Best Automatic Egg Boiler Machine in India 2021 which can be used to cook egg breakfast in quickly.

1. Kent Egg Boiler 2021- Full Electric Egg Boiler

Kent egg boiler is an easy path to prepare an egg breakfast daily. This egg cooker is highly useful for working professionals and students who are always in hurry. And their nutrition requirements remain incomplete because of the busy schedule.

Top 3 Best Electric Egg Boiler
  • Available in 3 diff mode
  • Maximum Capacity 7 Eggs
  • Auto shut off
  • 1 yr warranty
  • Stainless steel body and plate
  • One-touch easy to operate
  • Overheat protection with advanced safety
  • Boil 7 eggs at a time in about 10 min
  • Ease of cleaning

Buyers Feedback of Kent Electric Egg Boiler

This kent egg boiler is designed to fulfill all your breakfast nutritional needs in a very quick time. Ideal egg cooker for the hostel, pg, bachelors, hotels and also you can carry it while traveling. This can easily cook 7 eggs at a time. 


  • Needs less amount of water.
  • 3 Boiling Modes
  • Easy to use with advanced safety features
  • Properly boiled eggs.
  • Automatic on/off.
  • 7 Eggs at a Time
  • Stainless Steel Heating Plate


  • Cleaning of the plate needs careful attention as it is having electric openings.

 Product description

  • Weight : 1.65 kg
  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Power Consumption: 360 W

New Kent Egg Boiler 2021 Review-Things You Must Know Before Buying Best Egg Cooker

2. Prestige Automatic Egg Boiler

This Egg Boiler Machine is Ideal for the hostel, pg, bachelors, hotels and also you can carry it while traveling. The cooking capacity of a prestige egg boiler is 7 eggs at a time. 

Prestige Egg Boiler
  • 3 boiling level
  • One-touch operation
  • Multi-measure cup
  • Auto-switch off
  • 7 eggs at once
  • 10 minutes cook time
  • Super easily cleanable

Buyers Feedback of Prestige Egg Boiler

A prestige egg boiler is an easy path to prepare an egg breakfast daily. Prestige launched a good-quality egg boiler machine this time. Specially designed for students and gym lovers who don’t have time to cook. You can measure the right water level for the number of eggs and the desired level of hardness.


  • Super easy to clean
  • Multi-measure cup with a pin 
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Uncomparable perfection


  • No cons as such
Public Review : 4.2/5

New Prestige Egg Boiler | Why Prestige Egg Boiler is ruling the market in India 2021

3. Best 3 In 1 Electric Egg Boiler Simxen Egg Boiler

 This is the Cheapest Electric Egg Boiler In India 2021 for boiling, cooking, and steaming different egg dishes. It takes very little time about 5-7 minutes and best in your budget.

Simxen Electric Egg Boiler- Cheapest Electric Egg Boiler

Cheapest Electric Egg Boiler In India 2021,
Best 3 In 1 Egg Boiler for Students and Bachelors
  • Multi-function Electric Egg Cooker
  • 7 Eggs Capacity 
  • Auto-off
  • Fast Egg Boiler Steamer
  • Travel freindly
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Includes bowl and water measuring cup
  • Best budget Multifunction Fast Egg boiler, poacher, cooker

Buyers Feedback of Simxen Electric Egg Boiler

Simxen Egg Boiler is the cheapest electric egg boiler with the best quality. Usually, student and gym lovers don’t have time to cook as they have to manage their work and studies so this would be the perfect choice for hostel students, gym enthusiasts, pg boys, and bachelors.


  • Auto-off function avoid extra danger, 
  • Very safe to use.
  • Made of high-quality ABS material, 
  • efficient and durable.
  • Can boil up to 7 eggs together.
  • High build quality with easy and fast operation.
  • Economic, lightweight, and compact


  • no cons as such

Public review: 4.1/5

Product Specification:

  1. Rated voltage: 220V
  2. Rated frequency: 50Hz
  3. Rated power: 350W

Cheapest Electric Egg Boiler In India 2021: Best 3 In 1 Egg Boiler for Students and Bachelors


Now a days Electric egg boiler allows you to boil eggs in 3 different modes – hard, medium, and soft. They comes with a one-touch operation which makes it easy to operate. Let us find the procedure to operate the egg boiler machine:

Place the Eggs

  • Place the number of eggs you want to boil ( till 7) onto the plastic egg rack of the boiler.

Add Some Water

  • Measure the amount of water based on the water measuring plastic beaker ( that has classified into Soft, Medium, and Hard categories.) and add it directly into the metal plate of the boiler. 

Also each category i.e. soft, medium, hard of water measuring beaker further divided into 1,2,3,4,5 and 6&7 subcategories according to the number of eggs you want to boil.

 Start Power Button 

  • The last step is to push the power button and wait for the egg to boil.

 The auto power-off feature of the automatic egg boiler will automatically switch the power off saving your time and electricity and preventing eggs from overcooking.

Reasons To Buy An Automatic Electric Egg Boiler

Electric Egg Boiler is an instant automatic electric egg boiler with a heating plate that boils eggs. These Electric Egg Boiler come with a stainless steel body and heating plate which help in boiling eggs faster.

It comes with advanced Overheating Protection and advanced safety features such as overheating protection and automatic power-off for a better user experience.


 Now it is easy to make a healthy breakfast or a post-workout meal within few minutes. Its one-touch operation allows you to boil 7 eggs at a time without any cracks.


Everyone has different preferences. The automatic egg boiler machine helps you boil eggs based on your preferences i.e. soft, medium, and hard. 


Modern day Egg Boiler machine is built with a heating plate of stainless steel for maximum heat transfer capacity and efficient operation.


For the user’s safety, this kent egg boiler comes with an automatic power-off feature that will itself shut down once the eggs are boiled.


Automatic Egg Boiler takes very little time to cook , So it is ideal for hostel students, gym enthusiasts, pg boys, and bachelors.


Electric Egg Boiler can be used for boiling, poaching, steaming, and cooking multiple dishes of an egg. It takes very less time of about 5-7 minutes and also water consumption is less.


Automatic egg boiler just comes with a one-touch functioning button so it is very easy to operate this. 


The electricity consumption of electric egg boiler is not so much and is about 350 w. So no needs to worry much about electricity bills. Hence ideal for hostel students who are living far from home for their studies and job professionals.


It comes with a measuring cap which indicates how much water is required, it also comes with a bowl so that you won’t have to manage plate, etc.

Points to Consider While Using Egg Boiler Machine

  • Sometimes when eggs get cracked or broken, yolk settles down to the bottom of the heater plate, which gives a rotten smell.

 Hence cleaning of the plate is required but it should be done carefully as this egg cooker has electrical openings.

  • Some people find that eggs cracked when boiled so it is recommended not to insert the needle in eggs as mentioned in manual.

It has been witnesses that Egg Boiler machine works wonderfully if eggs are not pierced. so DO NOT pierce the eggs as stated in the manual if your eggs get cracked

Final Verdict


If you are looking for an amazing electric egg boiler for long-lasting use. Kent egg boiler is Best Electric Egg Boiler in India with 3 distinct Boiling Modes. The quotient of the value for money of this product is very high that’s why this is on top of our list.

Just go for it.


On the ground level, customer satisfaction of prestige automatic egg boiler is very high so this product is highly recommended for egg lovers, and people who do not have extravagant, large kitchens.

It Provides a decent solution of daily breakfast-related requirements in much less time by a highly trusted brand like prestige. Hence, it is totally worth to buy this product. 


This Multifunction Auto-off Fast Electric Egg cooker boils eggs really well with perfect hardness. If your budget is low then go for it. It is much faster than the traditional method and usually takes 5-7 minutes for boiling.

Best value for money product.

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How to Use the Electric Egg Boiler Machine?

Electric Egg boiler machine comes with a one-touch operation which makes it easy to operate, just follow 3 simple steps:
Put the eggs in the appliance,
Add some quantity of water and select the desired mode.
Your egg is ready to eat.

The machine will turn off automatically when the eggs are boiled.

What precautions should we take while cleaning Electric Egg Boiler?

Cleaning of the plate should be done carefully as egg boiler machine has electrical openings. So, you are advised to wipe it out with a piece of cloth.

Which is the best and cheapest electric egg boiler?

Simxen Egg Boiler is the best reliable and cheapest electric egg boiler with Automatic Off feature having 7 Egg capacity.
It is a multifunctional electric egg boiler used for Poaching, Steaming, Cooking, Boiling, and Frying.

How to stop cracking of eggs while using Electric Egg Boiler?

 Some people find that eggs cracked while using an automatic egg boiler so it is recommended not to insert the needle in eggs as mentioned in the manual.
So don’t insert the needle in eggs as mentioned in the manual and it’s completely ok. You will see that they don’t crack, mostly and even when cracked, they don’t make a mess as the usual traditional method. Also, make sure to use excess water.

What extra do we get with an electric egg boiler?

The package includes:
1 – Electric Egg Cooker
1 – a steaming bowl
1 – PP Cover
1 – Water Measuring Cup