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Philips Easy Touch Plus Garment Steamer: Philips Vertical Garment Steamer Review 2021

Philips Vertical Garment Steamer tops the list of best vertical steam iron.

This Philips Easy Touch Garment Steamer is a modern-day replacement of steam iron,

Philips vertical steam iron remove wrinkles even from the most delicate of the fabrics in a few minutes.

Philips GC523/60 1600-Watt Garment Steamer includes a garment hanger to place your clothes while you steam them back to smoothness. This vertical garment steamer is best effective, portable, convenient and that’s why a must-have for every occasion.

This Philips vertical garment steamer is specially designed for laundry and homes. It is compact and can be assembled easily so It is very beneficial for travelers due to this size.

As it is adjustable in minimum space so anyone can carry it easily. Efficiency, quality, and execution wise, Philips Easy Touch Garment Steamer justifies its brand reputation.

Key Features of Philips Vertical Garment Steamer

Philips Vertical Garment Steamer
  • Powerful Continuous steam
  • Fast and powerful crease removal
  • XL Steam Plate for quick results
  • High steam bust
  • Large detachable water tank
  • Compact design with continuous steam
  • Power: 1600 watts
  •  Special garment hanger
  • Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Includes: Garment steamer, Adjustable pole, and glove for extra protection
  • Safe to use on even the most delicate fabrics like silk
  •  Special garment hanger
  • Adjustable Pole
  • PVC free silicon steam hose

Benefits of Using Philips Vertical Garment Steamer

  • 1.6 L water tank
  • Five changeable modes for temperature and pressure
  • Double adjustable stand for clothes
  • Larger steam plate
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Operates at 1600W
  • Produces 32g/mn of steam
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Water Tank Capacity 1.6 Ltr
  • Continuous Steam For 32G/MIN
  • Power 1600W

Buyers Feedback Of Philips Vertical Steam Iron


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Professional and Easy to use
  • Easy to carry from one place to another
  • Works well for every fabric types
  • highly recommended for winter clothes
  • Comes with an adjustable pole and stand
  • User-friendly product
  • Large water tank


  • Little Expensive
  • Not great for synthetic fabrics

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Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer GC523/60

A professional vertical garment steamer with the ability to produce 32g/mn of steam. Operates at 1600 Watts power and kills 99.9% of surface germs on the fabric. The water tank measures up to 1.6 L

This high-quality steamer comes with an adjustable stand, support mat, and safety gloves.

This Philips vertical garment steamer also has a setting option that allows you to choose the mode depending upon the type of fabric you want to use. This ensures that the temperature is apt for that particular type of fabric and causes no damage to any delicate ones.

Detachable water tank with the 0.07 liter capacity of water and easily remove and can be refilled.

Available with a comprehensive design. Its color combination BLACK with COPPER makes it most beautiful and attractive .It is the best steam iron with stand in India.

The metal plate is attached in front of the shower nozzles. By using this you can clean all stubborn wrinkles within a second. Its starting time just 35 seconds.

Crease Free Clothes Every Day With Powerful Continuous Steam

The new Philips daily touch garment steamer is designed for easy crease removal every day. Just hang your clothes in the integrated hanger and see how quickly steam releases the creases while going over with the steamer head.

Powerful Continuous Steam

Powerful continuous steam is blown through the nozzles, enabling you to remove creases with only a few strokes.

XL Steam Plate for Quick Results

The special ergonomic steamer head has an XL steam plate which helps you achieve results quickly.

Adjustable Pole

Integrated adjustable pole for hanging your garments while using the steamer. It is collapsible for easy storage.

Special Garment Hanger

A special garment hanger lets you easily hang your garments like shirts, dresses, and trousers while using the steamer.

Important Safety Tips To Consider

  • Do not fill water, leave some gap. Wait for some time for the iron to heat up before using the steam function effectively.
  • To Prevent Water Leakage, keep the iron horizontal when not in use.
  • Steam irons go through multiple tests during manufacturing. Due to this, you may find some water droplets inside the product water tank.

Also, Philips vertical steam iron does not require installation.


Continuous Steam Output: 33 g/minute. XL steam plate easy to use.

Filling and Emptying Water: Detachable water tank. Refill any time.

Power cord length of 1.6 meters. Hose length of 1.3 meters.

Safe for all fabrics, even for delicates like silks.

Water tank capacity of 1400ml.

Sustainability, silicon steam hose calc management.

Suitable for tap water technical specifications.

With all these features, Philips Vertical Garment Steamer is the best vertical steam iron in India. Also, Philips Easy Touch Garment Steamer’s price is a little high but totally worth it.

Philips Easy Touch Garment Steamer price is slightly more than $110.

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