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New Kent Egg Boiler 2021 Review-Things You Must Know Before Buying Best Egg Cooker

Kent egg boiler is an easy path to prepare an egg breakfast daily. This egg cooker is highly useful for working professionals and students who are always in hurry. And their nutrition requirements remain incomplete because of the busy schedule.

This kent egg boiler is designed to fulfill all your breakfast nutritional needs in a very quick time. Ideal egg cooker for the hostel, pg, bachelors, hotels and also you can carry it while traveling. This can easily cook 7 eggs at a time. 

Points You Must Know Before Buying New Kent Egg Boiler 2021-Egg Cooker

Things You Must Know Before Buying Best Egg Cooker
  • Available in 3 diff mode
  • Maximum Capacity 7 Eggs
  • Auto shut off
  • 1 yr warranty
  • Stainless steel body and plate
  • One-touch easy to operate
  • Overheat protection with advanced safety
  • Boil 7 eggs at a time in about 10 min
  • Ease of cleaning

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Features of Kent Egg Boiler

KENT Egg Boiler is an instant automatic electric egg cooker with a heating plate that boils eggs. KENT Egg Boiler come with a stainless steel body and heating plate which help in boiling eggs faster.

It comes with advanced Overheating Protection and advanced safety features such as overheating protection and automatic power-off for a better user experience.

7 Eggs at a Time

 Now it is easy to make a healthy breakfast or a post-workout meal within few minutes. Its one-touch operation allows you to boil 7 eggs at a time without any cracks.

3 Boiling Modes

Everyone has different preferences. This automatic egg boiler helps you boil eggs based on your preferences i.e soft, medium, and hard. 

Stainless Steel Heating Plate

This Instant Kent Egg Boiler is built with a heating plate of stainless steel for maximum heat transfer capacity and efficient operation.

Automatic Power Off

For the user’s safety, this kent egg boiler comes with an automatic power-off feature that will itself shut down once the eggs are boiled.


This kent egg boiler allows you to boil eggs in 3 different modes – hard, medium, and soft.  it comes with a one-touch operation which makes it easy to operate. Let us find the procedure to operate the kent electric egg boiler

Place the Eggs

  • Place the number of eggs you want to boil ( till 7) onto the plastic egg rack of the boiler.

Add Some Water

  • Measure the amount of water based on the water measuring plastic beaker ( that has classified into Soft, Medium, and Hard categories.) and add it directly into the metal plate of the boiler. 

Also each category i.e. soft, medium, hard of water measuring beaker further divided into 1,2,3,4,5 and 6&7 subcategories according to the number of eggs you want to boil 

 Start Power Button 

  • The last step is to push the power button and wait for the egg to boil.

 The auto power-off feature will automatically switch the power off saving your time and electricity and preventing eggs from overcooking.

Kent Egg Boiler- Best Egg Cooker


  • Needs less amount of water.
  • 3 Boiling Modes
  • Easy to use with advanced safety features
  • Properly boiled eggs.
  • Automatic on/off.
  • 7 Eggs at a Time
  • Stainless Steel Heating Plate


  • Cleaning of the plate needs careful attention as it is having electric openings.

 Product description

  • Weight : 1.65 kg
  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Power Consumption: 360 W

Points to Consider

Sometimes when eggs get cracked or broken, yolk settles down to the bottom of the heater plate, which gives a rotten smell.

 Hence cleaning of the plate is required but it should be done carefully as this egg cooker has electrical openings.

Final verdict

Kent electric boiler is Best Electric Egg Boiler in India with 3 distinct Boiling Modes. Its an amazing product for long-lasting use.

 The quotient of the value for money of this product is very high that’s why this is on top of our list. Provide a decent solution of daily breakfast-related requirements at such a low price and in much less time by a highly trusted brand like kent. 

 Hence, it is totally worth to buy this product. 

How to use the Kent Egg Boiler machine?

Kent Egg boiler comes with a one-touch operation which makes it easy to operate, just follow 3 simple steps:
Put the eggs in the appliance,
Add some quantity of water and select the desired mode.
Your egg is ready to eat.

The machine will turn off automatically when the eggs are boiled.

What precautions should we take while cleaning egg boiler?

Cleaning of the plate should be done carefully as this egg cooker has electrical openings. So, you are advised to wipe it out with a piece of cloth.