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Best PubG Finger Gloves for Mobile Gaming in 2021: Anti Sweat Gloves For Gaming

If you are searching for the best finger gloves for mobile gaming then you are in the right place. 

Many of us are facing the problem like slippery screen contact, sweating of hand, not having good grip while playing games like Pubg, Fortnite, Freefire, COD, etc. on mobile then Pubg Finger Gloves is the best product you need right now.

Pubg finger gloves are specially designed to enhance your touch response and make your gaming more effective.

If your hand sweats a lot while playing mobile games then these Pubg Finger gloves are a must-try for you. 

These anti sweat gloves for gaming give a finger-like touch and maximum grip.

Features of Anti-Sweat Gloves for Gaming: Pubg Finger Gloves

Best Pubg Finger Gloves for Mobile Gaming in 2021
  • Make the gaming experience more sensitive and conductive
  • Improve gaming skills
  • Made of conductive Carbon Fiber Fabric
  • Perfect for aiming and firing
  • Highly recommended for shooting games
  • Zero-Friction Touch Response
  • Comes with carrying Box
  • Ultra Durable and Sweat Proof
  • Pack of 2 ( 4 Pieces )
  • One time must try for Gamers

People Feedback of Anti-Sweat Gloves for Gaming


  • Feel the same touch response as that of a finger
  • Very smooth and comfortable
  • Anti-sweat protection
  • Best for PubG, Fortnite, COD gaming
  • Easy to use and stretchable
  • No lag in touch
  • Best than other option available


  • Not long-lasting

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Anti-Sweat Gloves for Gaming: Pubg Finger Gloves

These anti-sweat gloves for gaming are excellent sleeves with the same touch response as that of a finger. However, to be on the safer side you can increase the touch sensitivity in the phone setting. These Pubg Finger Sleeves ensure u didn’t miss a single shot or quick scope switch. 

If anyone has a sweating problem then you should definitely go for these thumb gloves for mobile gaming.

  • People found these thumb gloves for mobile gaming very useful and Best for gaming. 
  • Pubg Finger Gloves or Anti-Sweat Gloves for gaming are easy to use and stretchable. 
  • Also, they give a very smooth experience and are very comfortable.
  • There is no lag in touch while using these Thumb Gloves for Mobile Gaming.
  • Lookwise it is very appealing and attractive.

Benefits of Using Pubg Finger Gloves

Isolated Hand Sweat : Isolation of hand sweat and screen contact, anti-slip, anti-fall, oil-proof, anti-fingerprint, 

this can also improve the skills of the game feel and avoid operational errors.

  • Sensitive Operation: The blend of silver fiber and conductive fiber makes the finger sleeve set more conductive, more sensitive to manipulation, and a more precise touch of playing games.
  • Breathable and Refreshing: Made of conductive fiber and spandex material, you can be more comfortable when playing games, don’t worry about grinding hands or fingers sultry. 
  • They can help you work perfecting aiming and firing, and allow you to eat chicken easily.
  • Wide Compatibility: These Mobile Game Finger Sleeve Sets support almost all games For Android or IOS phones, and also perfectly compatible with shooting games.

 ★ Made of spandex material, they can increase the elasticity, no matter the thick or shorthand shape also can adopt more comfortable when playing games 

 ★ Perfectly compatible for shooting games

 ★ Anti-sweat and anti-slip, sensitive full touch screen finger sets that will not slip when playing games, and let you enjoy a more efficient gaming experience 

Product Specifications of Thumb Gloves for Mobile Gaming

  •  Size: 1.77*0.87in 
  •  Weight: 2.12 oz 
  •  Material: Conductive Fiber + Spandex 
  •  Package Contents: 4 x Mobile Game Finger Sleeve Set 

What are finger sleeves made of?

The finger sleeve is made of spandex material, which is designed to increase elasticity. Whether it is thick or short, it can be more comfortable when playing game

Can we use this for tablets?


The number of pieces it contains?


Can we wash finger sleeves?

Yes you can wash. But it is not advisable.

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